Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Third Book Sale of the Season

There was a booksale this morning at Perimeter Mall- to benefit the American Association of University Women. I've never been to a booksale in a mall before- If the Cobb County sale can use Exhibit Halls in a park, I'm astounded one taking place in Atlanta can't find something similar. Meh. Food was right there, since we were next to the food court, so that was cool.

Now, as for the finds...

There was a writing book I used to check out of the library all the time on characters. I need to figure out what the other one was- same topic but it had all these lists of hobbies and names by region in it.

Several history books: AD 1000, The Waning of the Middle Ages, Life in a Medieval Castle, Courtesans, The Great Mortality, and The Last Madam.

Two Arthur books: The Quest for Arthur's Britain and The Mists of Avalon.

Simple Knits with a Twist which has knitting with wires and plastic bags and the like. Milk, Eggs, Vodka which is a collection of lost and found grocery lists. I did find a textbook about Joseph Campbell's work, but none of the actual Joseph Campbell books. Batman and Philosophy was found over in the Religion section. Something on the origins of words. And a nonfiction book about vampires.

It was a pretty good haul. That first booksale got me $160 worth of books for $14. This one came to $320 for $30.

As for scanners? There was a lady with a suitcase (the giant size, going away for a month style) scanning books with her PDA. She and her bag blocked the classics table so long I didn't get to look at it. Some guy stood with his phone scanning romance paperbacks so long I gave up on looking at them either. I haven't decided if they or the people with the kids who scream, have no interest in what's going on, and block the shelves are worse.

(In case you're wondering about the numbering of booksales- The second one was in Newnan but I didn't go)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


On the way back from Waffle House I spot a possum in the road. And of course I'm driving right at him. And I think "Don't move don't move don't move" because he's mostly in the middle of the lane, but if he runs for it, he's going to die. And he just sort of hunkers down, and the car passes right over him and I'm like "YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" because I didn't kill the possum and I could see him scurry out of the road in the rear view mirror AND IF QUEEN'S WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS HAD COME ON THE RADIO I COULD NOT HAVE FELT HAPPIER!


Saturday, September 12, 2009

First Book Sale of the Season

Northside Branch Library is having a book sale this weekend- just one of those small, in-the-lobby type sales, but the ad said something about 8,000 books so I went to go see. I don't know it if was 8,000 or not but it didn't look it.

Got some good stuff, though.

I thought since there was the fourth Joseph Campbell book there, the others would be too, but if they were I couldn't find them. Mom wanted to know what he was about, so I started to explain the monomyth, but without the actual book I don't think I really got the point across. And the "Art of War in the Middle Ages" looks cool. No diagrams on how to build a trebuchet but perhaps "Backyard Ballistics" can help with that.

Another bonus to the small book sale, there was only one guy with a scanner there. People with scanners are the bane of book sales. They push. They're not even there to get books for themselves, just for their amazon stores. So you'll be looking at something and the person with the scanner will start leaning into you to get to the books in front of you and then if you don't get the hint they'll start pushing you- and if you say something about them scanning they start yelling at you. Especially if there's "no scanner" signs posted.

There's four more book sales in the next month. The next is in Newnan- I'm not sure if I'll go because it's so far, but they also said it's a swap, which makes it more interesting.

Friday, September 4, 2009

DragonCon and Triops

OK, so I finally went to Dragon Con. It was fun. Mostly.

Got up hella early, took Marta down, waited in line FIVE MILLION HOURS for a badge, and then the fun began. I went to the Torchwood Panel, which had Gareth David Lloyd and James Marsters at it, which was hilarious and great. They told a lot of cute stories and we all laughed al ot and I took a ton of pics of them. And then the panel was over and the guys went to the celeb signing thing so I went there too.

So the first one I get an autograph from was Gareth and he's so nice and genuine and awesome (OMG TRYING NOT TO GET ALL FANGIRLY HERE BUT OMG SERIOUSLY HE CALLED ME SWEETHEART LIKE TEN TIMES!! EEEEEEEEEEE! IN HIS ACCENT!) and he talked to me for several minutes. Like a nice, normal person. Which was great. It kept me from getting all fangirly and screaming incomprehensible things at him. (WELSH ACCENT IN REAL LIFE = 10,000% MORE AWESOME THAN ON TV 4SRS)

Getting James Marsters autograph was significantly less awesome.

Anyway. I donno. I had a good time at the convention. There was lots of neat stuff to look at, and people in costumes, and I ran into seemingly every person I know. I think it would be more fun if I was there longer and had a hotel room, but it was a blast, all things considered.

This is like... Day 10? 11? Those are the two survivors at this point. Sort of a small hatch out of this batch of eggs. The larger one is Tank, and the smaller is Motoko. There was a third, but he was really small and I haven't seen him in a day or so. Tank probably ate him.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!

TOTALLY AWESOME AND DELICIOUS! And somehow they're even better cold.

Recipe here.