Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Last Supper was Straightedge

My classmate asked if "Jesus was lighting a smoke".


Monday, February 14, 2011

Meta Tv: Doing it right

A couple of years ago there was this fantastic summer murder mystery show called Harper's Island. Basically this serial killer had been to the island years before, killed a bunch of people, and some of the kids moved away after the serial killer was killed by the sheriff. They all come back years later for a wedding only each episode about three people die and you're trying to guess who the killer is.

This is Abby and Henry. Her mom got killed by the serial killer. Henry is the groom at the wedding.

Anyway MASSIVE SPOILERS Henry is one of the killers (there are at least two in canon but I think there was a third) and in the end Abby takes him out.

If you skipped the spoiler go rent the DVDs, it's excellent.

Last summer there was a new show called Covert Affairs.

This is Annie and Auggie. They do CIA stuff. She was backpacking across the pacific and fell in love with some guy and then they decided they were soulmates and then he ran away in the middle of the night. Two years later she's all badass and in training when her teacher gets the call they need someone who can speak Russian and pass as an escort so she's sent to Washington. Auggie is a blind soldier who now does tech ops stuff. He's the voice on the headset telling her which exit to take.

In my head Henry (oh look spoilers again) didn't die on the beach. Section One operatives came out of the water like Navy Seals and took him away for training. He learned how to do computer stuff from Berkoff, and how to fight from Michael, and Nikita made him stop being a sociopath just by being herself. And then Red Cell blinded him or a mission went wrong and now they're using him as a deep cover operative in the CIA.

Oh if only I had never discovered TV. If only.