Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's Been Weird

Sorry for the long break, things have been a bit crazy.

Started my second summer class which is a snore-fest. It's a history class where we spend most of the time discussing where commas go and "coordinate adjectives".

Began working on a Harry Potter scarf. You know, just in time for hellish summer temperatures and the movie. ^_^

Built an epic lego castle- which isn't epic in a huge, or turrets sort of way, but wins in sheer fury and creative use of clear red 1x1s as blood. (KSU did something wrong with my financial aid that day)


There's this study abroad next summer to London out of Valdosta State and I'm seriously planning on going. It's six weeks and there's a class on Shakespeare and another on London as a Setting in Novels (seriously, that's the class name)- think I'll get an extension on the ticket and stay an extra week or two so I can go to Cardiff and do all the stuff I couldn't do in the two days when I was there last fall. I just spent the last two hours reading stuff for class and babbling in IRC to my friend in London (who's asleep) about all the stuff I want to see/do.

(narg. it's still bugging me. i mean, i write stuff, and i never think to myself, "gosh, i'll put the coordinate adjective here." who names these things?)

London. London. London. It's going to be awesome. Did you know I only took about three pics while I was there? Remember when I dislocated my knee in Florence? That was about two or three weeks before London so I was hobbling around by myself on these crutches and it was like a bad comedy putting a crutch aside without dropping it to get in my bag and get the camera out and take a shot. I think there's one of a "do not put your bike here" type sign in the brownstone-y type part of town I was in, the Gloucester Street Station of the Tube, and me at Platform 9 3/4. The hostel I stayed in, the first night I got there, it was about 4AM when I wandered in and when I got up to my room there were like, six bunk beds and the only bed open was on the top of one, and everyone else is asleep and I couldn't even switch the light on while I hauled myself up the ladder with the bum knee. In hindsight it's insanely funny.

Somehow international travel is much funnier than local travel. I can't think of anything particularly funny about this last trip to Florida, back in May. But I think of Italy and there's the night where we were so punch drunk happy to be heading home from Pisa that we danced in the train. Or the demonic killer cherubs painted on the wall of the hotel room in Pompeii. Or my bum knee and climbing up a bunk bed at 4AM. Or this really nice older lady I met on the Tube while I was heading to Kings Cross and she asked me what else I was going to be seeing in England and I said I wanted to go to Wales and see Cardiff and she got so angry with me she started yelling in the train and I thought she was going to punch me. (Wales is like the boonies to people in London) And she wanted to know if London wasn't good enough for me? Couldn't I just go see Oxford instead- Or was I too good for Oxford?!

Heh. Travel. It's awesome.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


mom and I were at the bank today and as we're leaving the teller says, "is there anything else i can do for you?"

and mom bitterly laughs and says "can you get me a job?"

the teller sadly laughs and says she cannot, which is when this gigantically tall woman behind us with a big white bouffant and way, way too much eyeshadow calls out, "i have a job you could do!"

my mom turns to her, hope shining in her eyes for a second. "really?" she asks, almost breathless.

"you could go dig ditches!" the woman says and scoots past us to the counter.

first of all, wtf.

secondly, fml.

third, what is wrong with you you crazy evil woman?! my mom nearly broke down in tears in the parking lot! since september my mom has been out of job- because she didn't come in during the gas crisis! what was she, living under a rock? there's million of people out of work and she takes the chance to make a joke of my mother! all my mother does, day in and day out since september is fill out job applications, send off her resume, and ask everyone she knows if they know if anyone is hiring- and she never hears a damn thing back. the absolute worst thing about being in a situation like this is the people that will jerk you around- oh, just one more interview, we're looking over your papers, we really need someone and you're perfect (but two days later you're too nice (to balance the books!)), what hours are you available? to get someone's hopes up and know they're doing it with no intention of following through... utterly inhuman.