Saturday, January 26, 2008

Torchwood Lego Madness

My Torchwood DVDs arrived today. There's only about five million deleted/cut/behind the scenes/bonus features on each disc.

To celebrate Cybermen and Skeleton Warriors invaded my desk and went to war with Captain Jack Harkness, Gwen Cooper, the Ninth Doctor, and Captain John Hart. ^_^

"It's like the Cybermen and Skeletor teamed up!" Gwen shouted.

The Doctor pointed to an armored man screaming in dark ages French, "We've got to save him!"

Jack pointed his trusty Webley and hoped bullets could take down fleshless monsters...

John Barrowman, Eve Myles, and Christopher Eccleston pose for promo photos.

Jack tried to explain the 21st Century isn't exactly the most swashbuckling place in the universe, but John decided he really just didn't care.

"I thought I told you no guns on the TARDIS." The Ninth Doctor snapped at him. "Don't you realize we're on Whitney's desk?" Jack pointed out, gesturing to the iPod and the fallen Skeletons. "Oh. Right. But violence doesn't solve anything."

Gwen Cooper waved, and in a welsh accent said, "Hi Charles!"

Jack Harkness. The Doctor. BFF. SRSLY.

Aaaaand, I want to give big thanks to BrickArms. Lego doesn't make little guns.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Diet Ponderings

As I was making lunch today I thought I'd break out this chart Dad sent me, out of some nutrtional eating site or book he found. It helps you calculate what your calories should be, and how much fat you should have, and protien. Stuff like that. I did all the math on it, and since I'm making a whole lot of steamed vegetables these days all by myself I really haven't got an easy reference for what the calories are on those. Today it was just carrots, onions, and green beans with some garlic powder thrown on top- but it's not out of a bag, and I haven't got one of those scales to weigh how much of everything there is, so I don't really have any idea about it's stats. It's vegetables, so it probably doesn't matter, but...

So, then I got out the chicken tenderloins, and looked at the package of them. Two of them is about 100 calories, so I checked the salt and it's... 8% of my daily value, which is alright for the first meal of the day, I guess. I thought there'd be more since they have a coating to keep them seperatly frozen and all that. The protein is about half my daily value of that, according to the chart.

Suddenly I was wondering if I'm even eating enough calorie-wise when I have chicken and vegetables. It's healthy, sure, but the only calories I can figure from it are the chicken's. Hrmmm.

Friday, January 18, 2008


Good news! I lost three pounds, and according to the scale I dropped a whole percent of body fat which is the more important of the two, I think. However, my lower ribs are killing me. Did an exercise video the other night I hadn't done in a while, and I don't think it had that much core work in it... Still, ouch.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Did not disapoint. Not. At. All.

*gleeful squeeeing*

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Torchwood: T-41 Hours

I've tried to stay away from the Torchwood spoilers for this next season, away from all the clips, commercials, and teasers people have been posting. It's airing in less than two days, so I finally gave in and watched something. And, my god, was it SOMETHING.

Oh god.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bad Thursday

Ok, bad news: I gained three pounds since last week. School started this week, and with all the trekking around on campus, the flights of stairs, the schlepping of books I haven't exercised one bit. Bad me. BAD. Also, I made microwave cake the other night. Evil, delicious, gooey in the middle chocolate microwave cake.

No more microwave cake for me.

Other bad news: I had to run four stories of stairs today to make it to Human Origins class on time. The first two floors were fine, but by the third I was slowing down, and by the fourth I thought there was a good chance I might either faint or have a heart attack. Bad knees and all I shouldn't have run the stairs, but I wanted to be on time, and I just think I need to be in better shape. I wish my knees weren't bad so I could go running like all the cute people do on campus.

Also bad news: I'm a pack rat. I've got this nice writing desk in my room that I don't use (except to hold my fish tank up) because to open the desk out you'd have to whack it into one of the bedposts, and the wood is really soft on the writing surface and all the letters I penned to my grandmother as a child have left deep engraving marks all over it. And it's full of stuff. Old stuff, since I can't get into it very easily. I started cleaning it today just because, and the farther I got the more I was wondering why I kept some of the stuff. And why in that combination. And in an anthropology-what-if-this-all-gets-covered-in-volcanic-ash-and-they-find-it-a-thousand-years-from-now way.

There was a whole dovecote of house plans. Photocopied from when I worked at the library for me to use as reference in playing The Sims. There were at least ten of those flat mailers the USPS uses that my pay stubs used to come in when I worked at AFCE years ago; they used them interoffice and never actually mailed them, and there was nothing in them now, so I really have no clue what I was thinking. Maybe folders? There was a weird drawer full of Girl Scout badges I'd never sewed on a uniform as well as two pens I'd liked but never found refills for, a red-leaded pencil, and two half used art class shading pencils, safety scissors. Another drawer held what might be EVERY fortune cookie fortune I ever got before I quit using the desk so much, every phone number I've ever been given, and all the bad poems I wrote as a teenager. A box of broken rings, real scissors, an empty eye glass case, a fish tank thermometer. Bad pair of 1970's sun glasses my mom gave me, which are now in style...

It's baffling. I don't even remember all the stuff. Of course, some of the stuff that I do remember where it came from, years ago, was because it belonged to someone else. All the books Charles gave me sit together on my bookshelf. Cliff's Harry Potter box from last spring is still next to my dresser. One of the desk drawers, the long wide ones below the desk, is entirely full of every drawing I've ever gotten from a friend who did art. Most of those are by John Fuller who used to throw away everything he drew and when I'd go over to his house I'd rescue it all. I've got a couple of sweaters in my closet I "borrowed" from Dad's house because he was getting rid of things after slimming down. I can get rid of all the bits of junk in my desk, like the floor plans and the broken rings, but I bet John's art isn't going to ever leave, much like I don't care how many holes get in the Las Vegas hoodie Dad got me when he first moved out there. It's sort of creepy in a sentimental way, I guess. I don't know. I don't find it creepy. Other people might.

So, lose weight, no cake, get in shape, quit keeping junk in my desk.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Algorithm March! With Ninjas!

Ninjas appear halfway through. ^_^ I love the "woof woof scramble" part.

Thanks everyone for the health/food/exercise advice! I'll post about it on Thursday.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

The End of Week 1

While I was out in Vegas Dad made a point of pointing out how over weight I am, something I've known but haven't done all that much about for a while. I do a lot of walking on campus, but apparently not enough even with carting school books around. I switched from drinking Kool-aid to water, and quit buying hamburgers at the store so I'd eat more of the chicken tenderloins in the freezer.

The water/chicken thing made me gain ten more pounds. I can't even explain that one.

Anyway, it got to the end of the year, and I was thinking about Dad's diabetes, and how I look like a pregnant horse in all the pictures my friends take, and I decided to start my new year's resolution early. Picked up a cheap digital watch so I can set an alarm to eat every two hours, just something small, to get my metabolism going, and I've been doing time on our Gazelle. Part of me thinks it's wussy exercise equipment, but it's no impact which my knees thank me for. Once school starts up again in a few days I can see about hitting the gym there too.

I weighed myself last week to see what I was starting at, and when I checked the scale this morning I'd lost two pounds. In a week. Woot. And I finally got up to twenty minutes on the Gazelle, and despite the fifty yoga ball sit-ups I did on the first day, I topped out at thirty-six last night. I need to get back up to a hundred.