Monday, May 26, 2008


Haven't felt much like blogging lately. I quit checking Google Analytics so I have no idea if I've any readers anymore which helped a lot with wanting to post. Haven't felt much like writing either, even though I keep opening Rome and typing a scene or so a week, I guess. It's nothing like the 10k days I'm capable of when I'm full of coffee and the words won't stop. Maybe it's the weather?

School starts this Thursday for those with Thursday classes. I'm not one of them so I start next Monday. Film 2 and Fiction Writing this summer. Hopefully it'll shake out as well as Film 1 and Field Archaeology did last summer.

Blah. Wish I had a picture of something I'd cooked I could jam right here. There's some banana bread cooling downstairs since Mom kept forgetting to eat the bananas I bought for her and they got all brown and repulsive, though they were repulsive to me while they were yellow too. It's not really photogenic, so just imagine a brown loaf full of mashed walnuts and squishy banana bits. Shudder.

Been playing Rock Band at Aryeh's house a lot. A LOT. I can't do anything but sing since I haven't got the rythem skills to play anything. And I haven't got the range for anything with a female lead, or Sting. Which means no Roxanne which is just a sign this is a cruel and unjust universe. Shouldn't we all be able to sing Roxanne? However, I can own Oasis' Don't Look Back In Anger. Aryeh's wife swore that Perfect Drug couldn't be done, and when I proved her wrong I got Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake for a reward.

Started learning to knit. So far it hasn't really gone anywhere beyond noob level scarves. I did one with alternating colors, like a Harry Potter scarf only it's navy and cream and the colors change mid row since I was trying to figure out how you'd do it right. I did this really long, narrow cream one (maybe the same color as the other scarf? the ball wasn't labeled) that looks like a "tape worm stuffed animal". I kept screwing up the ends of the rows and not knitting them back in so instead of being rectangle shaped everything I knit was a pyramid that kept going out... My friend's mom showed me what I was doing wrong, but it wasn't until about eight feet of scarf later that the nice lady at Strings and Strands showed me how you end the thing. One of the customers this weekend told me about a knitting meet up at The Whole Nine Yards, so I'm heading over there Tuesday night. The lady at Strings and Strands also showed me these blankets she'd done with several strands of yarn being used as one at once- not to make a pattern, but different colors and textures. I thought I'd try it out with this pale lemon and pale pink yarn we've got, and while I like the color effect up close it's too pale and from two feet away you've got no way to see there's two colors, but it's sort of a pale strawberry now. Nice looking, actually.

Watched the first part of "The Andromeda Strain" remake. It was scary. Now I feel really itchy. Too much scary disease stuff for me, I think.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wow Photoshop

Apparently there's a setting in Photoshop to make it look like you can actually draw. Not just the thing that makes sketchy lines, but I mean, it makes you look like you have real drawing skills. Woot.