Friday, September 17, 2010

Why I Don't Like Apple

Ok, I have some good news about the whole iPod Touch thing. After about forty minutes on the phone with tech support- who I do have a warranty with, despite what the website says- and much troubleshooting and reinstalling we both admitted the iPod was probably bricked. Then Felix, the tech support guy, made me an appointment at the Lenox Apple Store so I could get it looked at, just in case.

I drove down to Lenox today and went to the jampacked Apple Store. Forty-five minutes after my appointment time I finally was called up to the bar to have my iPod looked at. The man at the counter implied it was my Windows computer that was the problem twice before he'd actually plug in my iPod and see how bricked it was. After about three minutes of it plugged into his MacBook he finally did a restore on it- thankfully it restored and now my laptop is updating it.

The part that got me was after he'd restored it he told me two more times that the iPod might not work with my computer, then asked if it was a laptop so maybe if it didn't work I could bring it up. I told him, yes, it was, and then he sneered.

"Well, I can't say I'll be happy to see your computer in my store, but, I think I can try to troubleshoot it."

I just stared at him.

I have worked in retail for about ten years now, and I hate going to people's managers and making a scene. I have had costumers I've done nothing to do it in hopes of free food or gift cards or whatever. I didn't go to his manager, I didn't even say anything to him, which I'm sort of regretting.

Yeah, you know what, I have a Windows Computer. And it works really, really well. I love it. And you know what, if you have an Apple and you feel the exact same way? Good for you! I'm not going to try and change your mind and talk to you like I'm a Superior Human Being.

Mike, at the Lenox Apple Store, you're not better than me, you're just rude.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Not that anyone probably cares

But I think the last update of iTunes bricked my iPod Touch.

I'm torn between misery and a sort of righteous fury- I've only had it nine freaking months. My iPod I had before lasted something like four years. Maybe it's just some kind of thing that Apple is going to shortly patch and it'll go back to working, but if not... Nine months. Come on, Apple.

iTunes had a new software update for my iPod so I installed it. Ever since then the iPod has either been on the "please connect to itunes" screen or off. If I turn it on it'll show the logo then go to the connect screen. Nothing else. It doesn't show in my computer, and it doesn't show in iTunes. But the computer sort of sees it because it keeps telling me it could connect to the iPod if only I could find a driver that worked. The computer

Three days later I'm still in search of a driver.

I've reinstalled iTunes 10 twice, went back to 9, found out 10 did something to the library so 9 can't use it, went back to 10, trolled the Apple Forums, googled, and tried to update iTunes 10 countless times in hopes of a patch of some sort. Nothing.

Contrary to the "it's just the driver" thing is that the iPod itself isn't making any noises inside. Which is what my old iPod did when it died.

$300 for nine months of iPod is pretty sad.